Upgrade from R80.10 to R80.20 or R80.30 fails with “You have reduced the normal timeout” message

When upgrading from Check Point SMS R80.10 version to R80.20 version, the process ended during database import.

When we examined the cpm.elg logs, we encountered an output like the one below.

cpm.elg log file output;

DATE TIME,PID ERROR internal.operation.OperationSvcImpl [main]: caught exception

“A blocking validation error was found: You have reduced the normal timeout (TCP end)

to a value lower than the timeout defined for

the Aggressive Aging protection on the Inspection Settings (3).

This may cause Aggressive Aging to function inappropriately.

It is recommended to keep aggressive timeouts lower than normal timeouts.

(Manage & Settings > Blades > Inspection Settings > Aggressive Aging).”

from class com.checkpoint.management.coresvc.ValidationException

DATE TIME,PID ERROR utils.runtime.CpAssert$DefaultAssertionErrorHandler [main]: AssertionError has been caught: Failed to update the objects via UpdateObjectsRequest

DATE TIME,PID ERROR infrastructure.logging.CpAssertionErrorExceptionLoggerHandler [main]: incident [c624d044-3b2b-4958-96d1-e929ebef8df6]:

Failed to update the objects via UpdateObjectsRequest

The Stateful Inspection TCP end timeout is lower then the Aggressive Aging protection on the Inspection Settings.

To solve the problem, it is necessary to make the following arrangement

In the SmartConsole, go to the Global Properties -> Stateful Inspection tab

Change the TCP end timeout to 4

Run the upgrade again.