CheckPoint 26000 Appliance 10G Interface Not Up

We have two Intel x710 nic cards installed on an HPE G10, where the ports from one card are in bond1 and ports from the other are in bond2.

We were running R80.10 3.10, where everything was functioning. We change device (23800 to 26000) and upgraded to R80.30 and my ports on bond2 started flapping.

The driver seems OK.

As a result of our research, we checked the lldp status.

[[email protected]:0]# ethtool –show-priv-flags eth0 | grep lldp

disable-fw-lldp        : off

[[email protected]:0]# ethtool –set-priv-flags eth0 disable-fw-lldp on
[[email protected]:0]# ethtool –show-priv-flags eth0
disable-fw-lldp        : on

We needed to add  on our cisco nexus switches to stop link flapping.

  • no lldp transmit
  • no lldp receive

Link Layer Discover Protocol ( LLDP ) is not supported on Gaia.